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Written on November 1, 2013 – 6:31 am | by editor |

Samsung comes up with something new be it mobile phones, smart-phones or even TVs. They probably like the ideology of change too much. But this is not digested by all specially those who do not appreciate buying a new model at the drop of hat. It seems they strictly abide by the incremental prototype. Not a bad strategy owing to good resources at hand but it sometimes tends to be a bit irritating if you buy a model and two days later a better version of it is available. They really do not wait to find and put in all features into one, all they do is bring up a new model with the drawbacks of the earlier model. So actually no model is without limitations something is left for getting better or bigger. Taking about TV here the latest to be the 98” 110” Ultra HDTV at the most important and one of the largest trade fair, IFA that happened at Berlin this year.

This TV is claimed to be one of its kind which will revolutionize the way people look at OLED. For all those who do not know what is OLED or organic light emitting diodes as the full form goes are devices made by very thin organic molecules that on being triggered by electricity create light. They are clearer image displaying solid state semiconductors that consume lesser power than the conventional ones like the LEDs and LCD s. Thus OLED is our future of foldable and curved screens just anywhere and everywhere you want to have them.

Talking about the new brainchild by Samsung, it is a 4K OLED TV. That means its four times increasing the number of pixels. That increase in pixel number will actually increase their sales and popularity or just be a gimmick is to be seen. But the feel and look OLED will truly have its trademark clarity and crispness retained in this also I can assure you if not anything else. Also they have succeeded in getting the better contrast ratio, that is how black tinge a screen could get.

The specifications though not available on the website for the 110” but it would be more or less parallel to the the already available 85” display UHDTV available. For those who do not know these are the features that are given for 85” UHDTV
-Ultra Clear Panel
-Precision Black Pro
-3D sound
- All features of SmartTV like Apps, Social, Fitness, Photo, Videos, Audios, Face Recognition, Motion Control and Web Browser are available.
These are the given features by Samsung but the dimensions and weight is not been specified. This remains for us to wait and watch out for.

The price nor the availability on the stores as known the tentative range block will be around $50,000 to $55,000. Its up to the masses how do they react to the it will the future of the outburst of pixels will be decided.

Speaking about another product that has been launched is Samsung's S9C curved OLED TV. They have been true to their tag “Life in every Pixel” this TV has A curved frame to it. This is in true sense the exploitation of OLED. It has a perfect frame actually I could say I am seriously impressed by its looks. It looks classy, grand and definitely sleek. The frame is not just for looks but also pockets various functionality.

It is a stand that holds the TV firm which prevents wobbling. It also contains two speakers each of 10W and also a woofer. And also it contains a camera for your skype and other social envisages.

The curved surface has improved the viewing angle that was a big hindrance in the LCDs. The Multi View feature is also seen that is normal along with 3D. The other thing is that the 3D glasses also have hidden headphones so that you could enjoy the more profound sound effect. The contrast ratio of this model is also superb. You could see the dark and the light color tones with ease and clarity. Such that the screen on turning black in darkness causes it to show as if the TV is not on.

In sort it is a great TV with a beautiful and eye catchy design. All the features are like given up for the 110” TV but the only thing that lacks is 4K but I really do not feel the need to have an overflow of pixels.

With a price of a dollar less than $9,000 it will be costing you hand and leg but the features will subside all the strains. With Diwali just round the corner I wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali. It is really the happy time for lots of shopping !!!

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