In technical terms, any machine, be it mechanical, electro mechanical or electronical that makes our day to day tasks easier are referred to as gadgets. Some of them use only one function, as the hand held mechanical drill (not those powered by electricity), whereas other, such as the volume control of the speaker is electro mechanical as it employs a combination of mechanics and electronics. We all use them in our homes and offices to make our tasks easier, but we hardly bother to think about them, until they start malfunctioning. For example, the computer is a nice example of a mixture of mechanical, electrical, and electronical parts.

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Costs and brand value of gadgets

The brand of gadgets depends on their brand. For example, wrenches manufactured by German companies are costlier than those manufactured in China are. It is because of the quality of materials and mechanism. While we can afford to purchase most gadgets for domestic and business purposes, sometimes their high costs demands that we lease them. For example, you can easily hire a high priced vacuum cleaner for cleaning the carpets of your home. In the same way, you can save money by opting for computer leasing for your small business. It costs less than purchasing a new computer, and the provider provides free maintenance as well, including replacement of parts, if the computer suffers from any problem.

Who makes gadgets?

Both small scale and large industries manufactures gadgets. However, it is impossible for small companies to manufacture sophisticated gadgets such as computers, or CAT (computer axial tomography) scanners that pathological labs use to scan nerves and other tissues inside the brain. A relatively small company, armed with a lathe, can make various mechanical parts and assemble them to create gadgets.

From where can you get gadgets?

You can purchase small and mid range gadgets from brick and mortar as well as online stores... the only difference being that you can inspect the gadget while purchasing it from a physical store. However, you have to contact the manufacturer or their local distributors for purchasing high end gadgets such as the drum scanner (used by the printing industry), or the CAT scanners.

What types of gadgets are there?

As mentioned earlier, there are three different categories of gadgets. Some of the gadgets that we use daily include air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, computers, juicers, grinders, and much more. Even the vehicle you use is a gadget. The humble padlock on your door is a prime example of a fully mechanical gadget, whereas the light emitting diode (LED) is a purely electronic gadget.

Why do people want gadgets?

People want gadgets to simplify their life. An electronic juicer will take a couple of minutes to create fruit juice for a small gathering, which would haven taken an hour or, if done manually. It is the same when using grinders to pulverise coffee beans. Try completing the same task using a mortar and pestle and you will realize how gadgets have changed our lives for the better.